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Product/Extension Magaya CRM
Created by Kaleb Ghilardi
Created on Oct 18, 2023

CRM Email Integration Enhancements

General Description

Enhance the CRM's Outlook integration to support drag and drop of emails to the CRM as new Activitites and allow users to determine whether to automically include emails based on subject or email chain in addition to the current manual syncing functionality.

Current Functionality

The Magaya CRM provides two-way integration with Microsoft Outlook to allow users to sync email messages to and from the CRM and their synced Outlook. This current process is designed to give users control over the sync of individual emails, requireing that the user must select to sync each record.

For more information about the current Magaya CRM Outlook integration please visit Magaya CRM: Integrate Microsoft Outlook with CRM in the Magaya Knowledgebase.

Future Functionality

This enhancement would update the sync between the two systems in two ways; the first would add drag and drop functionality of emails from Outlook to the CRM, the second would add options the the Magaya CRM Outlook plugin to automatically sync future emails.

Drag and drop email

Create a function whereby users can drag and drop an email from Outlook or GMail to a specific CRM record and have this automatically be added as an activity in the CRM including any attachments in the email.

Link the email by subject to the same CRM record

Add an option to the intial CRM sync from Outlook to automatically create related email messages as new Email Activities in the CRM attached to the record selected in the initial sync.

Two potential options:

  1. Link all replys from the originally linked email to the selected record

  2. Link all subsequent emails with the same email subject to the selected record

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