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Product/Extension Magaya CRM
Created by Kaleb Ghilardi
Created on Nov 22, 2023

Add Lead Source as an Opportunity Filter

General Description

For Opportunities that were generated from the Lead Conversion Process, add the generating Lead's Source field as filter to the Opportunity list view and Opportunity Export.

Current Functionality

Opportunity records can be created in a myriad of ways; which can include creating them on their own or as part of the Lead conversion process. For Opportunities created through the Lead conversion process, a Lead link is generated to show this origin. In the Lead, a drop down field for Lead Source exists. Lead Source values can be defined by Organizational Administrators and track the origin of Leads.

This value, while related to the generated Opportunity, is not available as a filter when viewing lists of Opportunities.

For more information on Leads please visit:

For more information on searching for Opportunities please visit:

Future Functionality

Include in the Opportunity list view and Opportunity Data Export a column for Lead Source. If the Opporutunity was originally created from the Lead Conversion Process this value will be populated, if not it will be blank.

Add a filter for Lead Source to the Opportunity Advanced Search:

And to the Opportunity Data Export:

For more information about the current functionality of the Opportunity Data Export please visit Functionality of the Toolkit in Magaya CRM in the Magaya Knowledge Base.

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