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Product/Extension Magaya CRM
Created by Kaleb Ghilardi
Created on Nov 15, 2023

Custom Activity Types

General Description

Allow customers to define Activity Types in the CRM Setup. These new activity types should be selectable in the Activity Activity Type Drop down and appear in the Activities Report & Analytics. Allow customers to hide activity types that they are not interested in utilizing.

Current Functionality

Activity types are defined in the CRM code and are not modifiable.

Available options are:

  1. To Do

  2. Call

  3. Email

  4. Meeting

  5. Demonstration

  6. NDA

  7. Event

  8. Notes

  9. Proposal

  10. Other

For more information about the current features of Activities in the Magaya CRM, please visit Magaya CRM: Introduction to Activities in the Magaya Knowledgebase.

Future Functionality

A new section will be added to the left hand column of the CRM Setup screen for "Activitites". When a user access this section of the setup they will be presented with a list of Activity Types with the following options:

  1. NEW - create a new activity type

  2. Edit pen icon - reorder the list of activity types

Each activity type should be listed, clicking on an activity type should present the user with a screen similar to the Edit Groups screen from which the user can make the below modifications:

  1. If the activity is a system default activity:

    1. Archive

      1. This should hide the value from the users within the CRM.

  2. If the Activity is a user defined activity:

    1. Archive

    2. Delete

    3. Rename

New activity types created should appear in:

  1. The Activity Type drop down when creating new Activity records.

  2. The Activities Report found under the Toolkit

  3. The Activities Analytics section

  4. Upcoming activitites in the HUB

  5. Activities view advanced search options

  6. Lead Activitites type drop down

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