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Product/Extension Magaya CRM
Created by Kaleb Ghilardi
Created on Oct 9, 2023

Add Accounts to Campaign Type

General Description

Enhance the Campaign functionality of the Magaya CRM so that administrators can create Campaign Types where the target of the Campaign is the Account entity. Allow users to create campaigns and associate Accounts when the Campaign Type is Account specific.

Current Functionality

The Magaya CRM supports creating Campaign Types that are either Lead or Contact specific. These Campaign Types can be used to generate individual campaigns targeted at specific groups of the selected records types.

The CRM does not include the ability to create Campaign Types or Campaigns that are Account specific.

For more information about how campaigns function in the Magaya CRM, please visit Magaya CRM: Campaigns in the Magaya Knowledge Base.

Future Functionality

Add an option to the Campaigns Focus drop down in the Campaign Type entity, found in the Magaya CRM Setup screen, to support creating campaigns of Accounts.

Modify the Campaign so that when a Campaign Type that is Account focused is selected, a tab to add Accounts to the campaign is shown.

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