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PINNED Different margin percentage calculation
Please calculate the margin within the Hub like this: (sell rate-buy rate)/buy rate and not as a ratio of the selling rate. 15$ markup on a buy rate of 100$ should result in 15% margin and not 13.04%.

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Surcharge Manager - Copy Rule

General Description A copy function to make it easier to update an existing rule that may have a new effective/expiration date versus having to create a new one, applicable to FCL/LCL/Air Current Functionality Each surcharge has to be entered in m...
Morgan Hill almost 2 years ago in Magaya Rate Management 0 Planned

Sync Forwarding Agent

General Description The integration between the Magaya CRM and Magaya Supply Chain syncs the below records: Lead to Quote Account to Customer Contact to Contact Opportunity to Quote This change would add a sync between the two systems so that the ...
Kaleb Ghilardi 7 months ago in Magaya CRM 0 Planned

Customer Defined Opportunity Types

General Description Provide customers with the ability to programmatically define the type of Opportunity created by source so that new Opportunities from Supply Chain can be set to something other than Quote. Current Functionality When generating...
Kaleb Ghilardi 8 months ago in Magaya CRM 0 Planned

Custom Option Sets in Additional Fields

General Description Expand the functionality of the Additional Fields feature in the setup of Accounts & Contacts to allow customers to add custom option set fields (Response Options). Current Functionality Customers can add additional fields ...
Kaleb Ghilardi 8 months ago in Magaya CRM 0 Planned

Organize API Selection in Search based on Mode

When selecting LCL for search, the FCL API selections will still be visible. We really need to re-organize this dropdown to show only those that are associated with the chosen mode. This will also keep unnecessary calls to a minimum. API for Modes...
Morgan Hill about 2 years ago in Magaya Rate Management 0 Planned

Modify Labels and display of existing fields

General Description The available fields and their location within the Magaya CRM currently cannot be modified outside of adding custom fields. This change would modify the Setup screens to allow Organizational Administrators the ability to contro...
Kaleb Ghilardi 8 months ago in Magaya CRM 0 Planned

Add outlook notification to shared activities

General Description When an activity is shared with another user and has an Exchange event created include this exchange event in the Shared user’s outlook. Current Functionality Users can integrate individual emails between the Magaya CRM and the...
Kaleb Ghilardi 8 months ago in Magaya CRM 0 Planned

Contract Mgr - Display Negative Values

While QMS will display negative values in the Info Panel, Contract Mgr converts them to a zero causing users to be misled. We need to display those negative values.
Morgan Hill over 1 year ago in Magaya Rate Management 0 Planned

FDA PG10 Data default from commercial invoice line data.

Presently the system is defaulting it under the commercial description but not under PG10. We have to manually input the same information again.
Guest about 1 month ago in Magaya Customs Compliance (ACELYNK) 0 Planned

Capability to add lines to an existing type 86 entry created via API

Currently we have to use 2 systems, and have a extra driver and truck on the road because we cannot add a entry 86 from another client to a already existing entry 86 that was created via API. We have several customers that send us entry 86 via CSV...
Guest 2 months ago in Magaya Customs Compliance (ACELYNK) 0 Planned