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Make the fields in the routing tab editable

General Description The Magaya CRM imports data points from the linked Magaya Supply Chain Quote to populate it's routing tab in the Leads and Opportunities. Make these options editable when creating a new Lead or Opportunity and push the selectio...
Kaleb Ghilardi 4 months ago in Magaya CRM 0 Planned

Mobile Site Enhancements

General Description To better help user's navigate the Magaya CRM's Mobile version with ease, update the UI to add a link to filter for only the current user's records on all screens, as well as several adjustments to the positioning of elements a...
Kaleb Ghilardi about 1 month ago in Magaya CRM 0

Allow users to manage display of summary charts

General Description The Magaya CRM's Forecast and Analytics sections include summary charts of the returned information. This change would add a toggle, available to all users, to hide these charts to allow for additional room for the displayed ta...
Kaleb Ghilardi about 2 months ago in Magaya CRM 0

Dedicated unique name field for Leads

General Description To assist users in searching and maintaining Leads, should the CRM add a new field to store the name of the Lead record as unique from the name of the business? Current Functionality The Magaya CRM currently stores two fields w...
Kaleb Ghilardi 5 months ago in Magaya CRM 0 Planned

Add additional aggregate charts to the Analytics section

General Description Enhance the Magaya CRM's Analytics section to support report grouping by date; year, month, day. Current Functionality The Magaya CRM's Analytics section provides summary reporting on metric values for Opportunities, Activities...
Kaleb Ghilardi about 2 months ago in Magaya CRM 0

Sync Forwarding Agent

General Description The integration between the Magaya CRM and Magaya Supply Chain syncs the below records: Lead to Quote Account to Customer Contact to Contact Opportunity to Quote This change would add a sync between the two systems so that the ...
Kaleb Ghilardi 9 months ago in Magaya CRM 0 Planned

Customer Defined Opportunity Types

General Description Provide customers with the ability to programmatically define the type of Opportunity created by source so that new Opportunities from Supply Chain can be set to something other than Quote. Current Functionality When generating...
Kaleb Ghilardi 9 months ago in Magaya CRM 0 Planned

Custom Option Sets in Additional Fields

General Description Expand the functionality of the Additional Fields feature in the setup of Accounts & Contacts to allow customers to add custom option set fields (Response Options). Current Functionality Customers can add additional fields ...
Kaleb Ghilardi 9 months ago in Magaya CRM 0 Planned

Programatically verify that account exists in Lead Conversion

General Description Modify the Lead conversion process so that the CRM checks automatically if the Account created as part of the Lead conversion exists or not. If it doesn't then create it, if it does then link the created records to it. Current ...
Kaleb Ghilardi 3 months ago in Magaya CRM 0

Aircall VOIP Phone System Integration

General Description Support integrating the Aircall phone system into the Magaya CRM. A 3rd Party tool designed to facilitate call capture using soft phones and an integrated CRM. For more information see:
Kaleb Ghilardi 4 months ago in Magaya CRM 0