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Product/Extension Magaya Rate Management
Created by Morgan Hill
Created on Sep 15, 2022

Surcharge Manager - Update "N/A" To be More Descript

General Description:

Surcharge Manager allows user to create their own customer charges to apply to quotes where the charges are not represented in their contracts or rate agreements. These supplemental surcharges can have an "Agent" assigned as long as that entity is defined in our Address Book. The "Agent" is defined as an entity who is not a carrier. Examples are a Courier or a 3rd party Customs Agent or a Warehouse provider.

RMS has radio buttons for user to assign the charge as Origin, Freight or Destination as well as an "N/A" field.

Current Solution:

N/A could be used for charges that could exist as Origin and/or Destination Charges. The Logic follows the Currency of the surcharge and matches it to the Currency of the search results.

So, for LAX-SHA, it would auto-change it to Origin and for SHA-LAX, it would auto-change it to DestinationThe "N/A" choice is confusing to the user.

Future Functionality:

Update the "N/A" to be something more descript to what it actually is.

  • Perhaps "Origin OR Destination"

  • Have the radio buttons stacked to provide more room

Technical Aspects to Consider:

None at this time.

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