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Product/Extension Magaya Rate Management
Created by Morgan Hill
Created on Mar 30, 2023

NAC Restriction in Role Mngt

General Description:

Different organizations have different users who are in charge of quoting. Named Account Rate (NAC) Rates are those negotiated on behalf of a particular customer with the carrier. Some organizations do not want certain sets of users to view those specialized rates when quoting other customers. For this reason, organizations need a restriction at a lower level of user group than where the restriction currently resides.

Current Functionality:

The ability for Admin users to set whether their NAC rates are visible in Search Results depends solely on their choice in Org Settings - either by Org or not.

Future Functionality:

This is two fold.

We will need a set of radio buttons under the "Show All NAC" checkbox in the Rate Search Results section of Org Settings.

The First radio button, "Organizational Level" will be the default choice when the "Show All NAC" box is checked.

When the user selects the Second "Role Level" radio button, the corresponding section of Role Mngt will a check box active for the user to make the same selection.

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