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Product/Extension Magaya Rate Management
Created by Morgan Hill
Created on Apr 27, 2022

Price Dependency Re-Calculation

For price dependent surcharges that come from the Surcharge Manager, the user needs a way to re-calculate the dependent charge when the value of the basis charge is changed in the Info Panel.

Currently, the values are not automatically updating. When the user hits the save button after adjusting a rate that has another rate dependent on it, the dependent rate should change using

  1. LCL: 1 cubic meter = 1:1000 vol ratio

  2. Air:

    1. 1 cubic meter = 1:6000 vol ratio

    2. 6000 ccm/kg, 166 cu in/lb

    3. (c) 366 cu in/kg

  3. Ground: Total cubic inches divided by 194 or total cubic centimeters divided by 3000

  4. Custom Ratio: 1:____

Ticket 52020/JIRA 6420

Oncarriage as a fixed amount:

Fuel Surcharge whose amount is a percentage based on the Oncarrriage:

When you search the rate in the QMS, the above surcharges seem to be calculating correctly: (oncarriage is only GBP 1.00 our FSC (11.75% of oncarriage) is calculating to GBP 0.12, as expected.

Client hoped that when the Oncarriage is updated, the FSC would update as well, but FSC was not updated at all:

Expected Result: Since the Fuel Surcharge is set up in the Surcharge Manager to show its amount as 11.75% of the Oncarriage, when a user updates the Oncarriage amount in the Rate's Info Panel, the Fuel Surcharge whose amount is a percentage of the Oncarriage should automatically reflect the 11.75% of the new Oncarriage.

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