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PINNED Different margin percentage calculation
Please calculate the margin within the Hub like this: (sell rate-buy rate)/buy rate and not as a ratio of the selling rate. 15$ markup on a buy rate of 100$ should result in 15% margin and not 13.04%.

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This is a test
Jordan Fotouhi 2 months ago in Magaya Customs Compliance (ACELYNK) 0 Will not implement

Contract Mgr - Display Negative Values

While QMS will display negative values in the Info Panel, Contract Mgr converts them to a zero causing users to be misled. We need to display those negative values.
Morgan Hill 2 months ago in Magaya Rate Management (Catapult) 0

Temporarily Extend Expired Rates w/Warning

General Description: Often, customers will have expiring rates with no new rates yet received bu need to be able to do quotes based on those rate expiring. Current Functionality: There is no current functionality to allow customers to quote using ...
Morgan Hill 2 months ago in Magaya Rate Management (Catapult) 0

Surcharge Manager - Copy Rule

A copy function to make it easier to update an existing rule that may have a new effective/expiration date versus having to create a new one. Applicable for FCL, LCL, Air
Morgan Hill 7 months ago in Magaya Rate Management (Catapult) 0

Info Panel - Download BUY & SELL to Other Formats

Downloading Buy and Sell information from the info panel only provides for PNG format. Give users the option to download to Excel or HTML with a disclaimer that once information is downloaded and changed, the source information is lost and Magaya ...
Morgan Hill 5 months ago in Magaya Rate Management (Catapult) 0

Customization of Hub notification emails

As a Hub user, I want to be able to customize the notification emails I get from the Hub, so that I don't get so many emails. e.g. Deactivating and/or customizing which emails a user gets. Could be per region or country.
Dennis Albers 11 months ago in Magaya Freight Portal (Qwyk) 1

Tariff Bulk Upload - Add Carrier

Carrier is a field available in filing a Tariff but is not available in the bulk upload.
Morgan Hill 8 months ago in Magaya Rate Management (Catapult) 0

Department Mngr - Change Log

Record changes made to Dept Mgr
Morgan Hill 3 months ago in Magaya Rate Management (Catapult) 0

Update quotation origin and destination in Hub

Allow to run a quote port to port but then convert it into a door by changing the location.
Guest 10 months ago in Magaya Freight Portal (Qwyk) 0

Commodity Override in Commodity Mapping

Introduce new column in Search and History results to show "Custom Commodity" which would display the Commodity Mapping Group Name.
Morgan Hill 3 months ago in Magaya Rate Management (Catapult) 0 Prioritized