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Status Prioritized
Product/Extension Magaya Rate Management
Created by Morgan Hill
Created on Apr 3, 2023

Tariff "Search" Results Page to Match "T" Results Page

General Description:

Our Tariff module is a separate offering from the rest of QMS, however, the Search Results are handled in the same manner as other results, but is different from when a user clicks the Tariff "T" icon from the menu. This is confusing and inconsistent to the user.

Current Functionality:

There are currently two ways to navigate to the Tariff module - through Search or directly clicking the "T" in the left side menu. Users have two different experiences.

1) The Search Result page for Tariff shows the shopping Cart. At no time would a user need the Shopping Cart when navigating through the Tariff module.

2) The Tariff "T" icon shows the user an "As of Date" which is not present from the Search Results page.

Search Results:

Tariff "T" Link:

Future Proposal:

Both screens need to be the exact same to the user. We will need to update the Search Results page to match what the user sees when they click the Tariff "T" icon.

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