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Created by Morgan Hill
Created on Apr 19, 2022

Trade Lane Mgr Redesign

The current Trade Lane Manager functionality is not optimal to the user and takes more time to manage. The user needs a better alternative to manage the ports in each group. This can be accomplished by redesigning the page to operate like City Linkings does.

When a user click the Add New icon, an initial pop-up appears as it does today, however, it only allows you to define the Trade Lane Name and then click the arrow to continue. The X remains to allow the user to cancel.

The next pop-up window has the same functionality as City Linkings. The Trade Lane Name appears at the top of the second column for reference with a pencil icon in case the user wants to edit the name right there.

The grid operates similar to the City Linkings where the Trade Lane Name is now the first column and each port in the group is listed under "Location #" columns. The number of columns is determined by the number of locations in the group.

After saving, the user can click the Trade Lane name in the grid to pull up the second pop-up (that looks like City Linkings). Here, the trash can icon can . be selected to delete the group.

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