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Status Shipped
Product/Extension Magaya Rate Management
Created by Morgan Hill
Created on Mar 14, 2023

Add Company ID to Assign Client Screen Dropdown

General Description:

Choosing clients from our dropdown does not allow the user to see what makes them unique. We need to add the External ID next to the company name.

Current Functionality:

Only the Company name shows.

Future Proposal:

We should add the External ID in parenthesis so users can see the uniqueness of their Address Book entries and select the company they want.

Examples in Staging:

6112_Test_1 (25)

6112_Test_2 (24)

6112_Test_3 (23)

Technical Aspects to Consider:

Because the External ID would be part of the Company Name in the Dropdown, the user should be able to enter the ID in the field and the relevant matching entries should appear.

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