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Created by Sophie Moss
Created on May 11, 2022

LCL Details (Dim/Package/Weight) Visibility whilst editing quotes/in draft status

From Metro:

"Statement from our internal team:

When you save a quote as a draft and you come back to it, you don't have the rate search screen to check what was entered so it would be good to see it on the quote while quoting. Where as at the moment you need to go to the last step to see the dims and then come back again to the buy and sell screen.
Also dims change often so it would be really helpful to be able to amend the dims rather than having to do a new quote every time."

To accomplish this, there are three things:

1) Add fields for weight and dims in the info panel as references

2) Apply refresh method to a draft quote that provides the weight and dims popup for a user to enter new dims

3) The refresh for a draft status should keep the same quote ID.

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