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Created by Morgan Hill
Created on Jul 5, 2022

Transit Time Range Value Throughout RMS

Support the Rate Transit “ Date Range value like 25-30” instead of a fixed date in template.

Does this value override the schedules data in QMS?

Could we update this column and QMS to allow text and present it to the user like it's uploaded.

This date range value would need to be available in all other template uploads.

Date ranges would need to be visible in Grid Results and appear properly on Quote templates.

Possible Solutions:

Option 1:

From a data governance perspective, having the transit time broken up into three:

  1. Leave the single entry option to show one integer

  2. Lower limit of transit time days

  3. Upper limit of transit time days

Given this, there would be implications in the UI to accommodate.

Option 2:

Something less governed, restrict the field to accommodate only 5 characters. Not sure how this works from a programming perspective, but I see the entries as either of two options:

  1. Integer dash integer

  2. Integer

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