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PINNED Different margin percentage calculation
Please calculate the margin within the Hub like this: (sell rate-buy rate)/buy rate and not as a ratio of the selling rate. 15$ markup on a buy rate of 100$ should result in 15% margin and not 13.04%.

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Surcharge List Manager - Uploads

Apply the custom surcharge list feature to template uploads.
Morgan Hill over 1 year ago in Magaya Rate Management 0

Mandatory fields for Shipping Instruction

It would be great to can define some "mandatory" fields, fields to fullfil. For example on the export side we need always the HS Code, short goods description and ETD.
Jan-Henrik Hertel over 1 year ago in Magaya Freight Portal 1

Organize API Selection in Search based on Mode

When selecting LCL for search, the FCL API selections will still be visible. We really need to re-organize this dropdown to show only those that are associated with the chosen mode. This will also keep unnecessary calls to a minimum. API for Modes...
Morgan Hill over 1 year ago in Magaya Rate Management 0

Results Grid Customization Default at Org Level

Customers are requesting the customization of Grids be at Org level instead of User level. Using the same functionality and controls we have in place for Custom Surcharge Groups in the Control Panel, add an Org/User toggle to Grid Settings. Only A...
Morgan Hill over 1 year ago in Magaya Rate Management 0

Add Shipper to Advanced search. in the FIND.

This would be a huge help for our import department. When we are working on an entry for a customer, we like to go back and review what and how we handled our entry for them previously.
Guest 24 days ago in Magaya Customs Compliance (ACELYNK) 0

Updating container via API connection and/or template for incoming shipments

We are trying to accomplish updating ETA on shipments automatically, so brokerage team can concentrate on entry writing versus updating shipments manually. 4 of my high volume importer use JAS Forwarding platform for tracking all incoming containe...
Guest about 1 month ago in Container Tracking 0

QFB - Option to Remove "Container" From Ocean Container Size Columns

Provide option to Remove the word "Container" from the Ocean QFB in all formats. The option would standardize container size abbreviations to the following: . . . . .
Morgan Hill 4 months ago in Magaya Rate Management 0

LCL Free Time in QFB

General Description: Customers want to include Free Time on quotes. While RMS does not database free time as a practice like FCL, we do get Free Time information from 3rd Party Rate API's, like Vanguard. This is becoming more commonplace as we imp...
Morgan Hill 7 months ago in Magaya Rate Management 1 Prioritized

Photos Zoom In capability

As a Flow WMS user, I want to be able to zoom in on an Item's photos so that I can visualize the Item's details better.
Kristhian Krstonosic 7 months ago in Flow WMS 0

Xeneta Air API

Similar to the Ocean API, Xeneta has introduced their Air API.,1,6MasDZ-4qCLZHdZuY0_C_HVZmx0XIWNL0H1xFUnRdzpGZ9jm_ZfNCjfT3zSrDM9IoTyiTEsGWeOU8ydxUbrnLBoB6EeQ...
Morgan Hill 8 months ago in Magaya Rate Management 0 Prioritized