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PINNED Different margin percentage calculation
Please calculate the margin within the Hub like this: (sell rate-buy rate)/buy rate and not as a ratio of the selling rate. 15$ markup on a buy rate of 100$ should result in 15% margin and not 13.04%.

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Parts database date/time stamping needed

When parts are adding into the ACELYNK parts database today there isn't a place to capture the date/time in which the data was saved. This date/time stamp is important when you are using data that is part of the entry process. We want to ensure we...
Guest 4 days ago in Magaya Customs Compliance (ACELYNK) 0

Free Trade Agreement-Special Program Indicator Pre-Submission Validation & Confirmation

ACELYNK has a wonderful Pre-Submission Validation & Confirmation function, this page allows the user to view their CF7501 Entry in a summary format to make certain checks to ensure compliance. One such check is missing however and that is a ch...
Guest 4 days ago in Magaya Customs Compliance (ACELYNK) 0

Shipping tab needs to show FDA Releases as a flag and copied entries show qty and values on FDA TABs

Add the product code information on the Shipments tab and flag for FDA Released or not Released Status. We also required that when an entry is copied and qty, value are changed to also change on other Goverment agencies values, and qty such as Aph...
Guest 5 days ago in Magaya Customs Compliance (ACELYNK) 0

Contract Manager - Amendment order restructure

Brought up on 5/15 - talk to Dan and Justine
Christopher Mraz 10 days ago in Magaya Rate Management 0


As in Magaya Cargo, it would be helpful if the search tool was capable of finding entries, bill of lading, etc only using a portion of the number. Right now, Acelynk only returns exact match.
Guest 11 days ago in Magaya Customs Compliance (ACELYNK) 0

Filter by flag (status)

Currently, the system does not allow us to filter by status (flags). It would be extremely beneficial if we could have the option of selecting entries/ ISF, etc by status/ flag.
Guest 11 days ago in Magaya Customs Compliance (ACELYNK) 0


Presently notification only contain PGA review, PGA May proceed. I am requesting that the notification include the PGA involved, line number and PGA status. In the attached example there were 4 lines of data entered and 5 lines of PGA messages. If...
Guest 16 days ago in Magaya Customs Compliance (ACELYNK) 0

Bulk Line update Census

we have an entry with 70Plus lines that need census ..
Guest 16 days ago in Magaya Customs Compliance (ACELYNK) 0

Adding details to 7501

Be able to free type special details that would appear directly onto the 7501 submission. See the attached 7501 by another filer. They were able to add the Gov't Contract Number to the body of the 7501 when filing.
Guest 18 days ago in Magaya Customs Compliance (ACELYNK) 0

FDA PG10 Data default from commercial invoice line data.

Presently the system is defaulting it under the commercial description but not under PG10. We have to manually input the same information again.
Guest about 1 month ago in Magaya Customs Compliance (ACELYNK) 0 Planned