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Magaya Rate Management (Catapult)

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Filter Contract ID Menu Based on Mode Selection in Contract Mgr

General Description: Full Service Upload is where contracts may be uploaded to be translated by our Production team. Users select a radio button to designate what mode the contract pertains to, however, the contract ID menu show contract IDs for a...
Morgan Hill 11 days ago in Magaya Rate Management (Catapult) 0 Prioritized

Add Dynamic Search Bar to Contract ID in Contract Mngt

General Description: When uploading an Amendment, users must select a Contract ID from the required dropdown menu. For larger customers, this becomes more of a challenge despite being able to type the first letter for the menu to jump to that plac...
Morgan Hill 11 days ago in Magaya Rate Management (Catapult) 0 Prioritized

QFB - Option to Remove "Container" From Ocean Container Size Columns

Provide option to Remove the word "Container" from the Ocean QFB in all formats. The option would standardize container size abbreviations to the following: . . . . .
Morgan Hill 10 days ago in Magaya Rate Management (Catapult) 0


Add CargoAPI to our REST API.
Morgan Hill 8 days ago in Magaya Rate Management (Catapult) 0 Planned

TRI filing - Program your current Tariff Expiration Report to pull all TRI filings to include those which do not have an expiration date published to include user/filer name

Currently Magaya's TER does not pull all filings, however only pull TRIs having both, effective and expiration date. For filings which expiration date is blank, the user/filer does not populate. I am required to reach out to the filer to update th...
Guest 16 days ago in Magaya Rate Management (Catapult) 0 Planned

Add Location Code to Ground Template

Customers need the ability to upload custom ground location codes/IDs. Use Ground code in the template, but create one if not.
Morgan Hill 17 days ago in Magaya Rate Management (Catapult) 0

Remove Doc Type for NRA Upload

General Description: User Feedback requires an adjustment to the NRA Upload functionality to allow any document type to be uploaded. Current Functionality: A User must choose either Excel or PDF when uploading an NRA document. No other document ty...
Morgan Hill 18 days ago in Magaya Rate Management (Catapult) 0 Planned

Add "Internal Notes" to Q2TMS XML

General Description: As we expand our service offering through integrations, it's imperative that we offer as much of the same information in our XML's as the user sees in RMS. To that end, we need to add a field for the "Internal Notes" captured ...
Morgan Hill 22 days ago in Magaya Rate Management (Catapult) 0 Planned

Add NAC to Surcharge Manager

Customers have specific surcharges applied to NAC rates that would need to override FT and their Contracts. We need to add a NAC field as a dynamic search sourced from Group Name of the Named Accounts card in the Control Panel.
Morgan Hill about 2 months ago in Magaya Rate Management (Catapult) 0

Add "Logo Management" as card to Control Panel

Logo Management allows Admins and Superusers to upload their own logo to apply to any downloads and quotes. This would take the burden off IT to have to upload logos as part of a new customer set up as well as having to revisit a new customer's se...
Morgan Hill about 1 month ago in Magaya Rate Management (Catapult) 0