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Product/Extension Flow WMS
Created by Kristhian Krstonosic
Created on Mar 20, 2023

Unpacking WHR Pallets while performing Pick & Load Tasks

The Flow WMS app currently does not allow users to unpack Warehouse Receipt Pallets from Pick and Load tasks. This creates a problem for customers who need to load some items from a WHR Pallet that they know will fit into the shipping container and leave the remaining items in the warehouse. To address this, we propose adding a new feature that allows WMS users to unpack Warehouse Receipt Pallets when performing Pick and Load tasks using the app.

With the new Unpacking of WHR Pallets feature, when a Flow WMS user is loading Items into a shipping container from a WHR pallet, they can select the option to unpack the pallet on the app, then select or scan the items they want to unpack. Once the user unpacks the items they will load into the containers, they can easily load those items into the container using the container loading option from the Picked Items screen. Afterward, the user will return the unshipped Items to their appropriate Location in the warehouse

This new feature will significantly improve the efficiency of the pick and load process, allowing customers to ship some items that are contained into a WHR Pallet and leave behind the remaining items from the WHR Pallet that didn't fit.

The Unpacking of Warehouse Receipt Pallets feature will streamline the process, saving time and effort for WMS users.

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