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Product/Extension Flow WMS
Created by Kristhian Krstonosic
Created on Mar 20, 2023

On-Demand Container Loading - Add Shipping Container equipment to Pick & Load Task from Flow

Flow WMS currently allows users to perform Pick and Load tasks, but they can only load items into a shipping container if a Magaya user has added a shipping container equipment to the shipment. To address this limitation, we propose adding a new feature that enables Flow WMS users to load items into containers on-demand, without needing to have a pre-added container in the Magaya Supply Chain.

With the new On-Demand Container Loading feature, Flow WMS users will have the option to click on the Container Loading button in the Picked Items screen menu and add a new shipping container equipment to the task. They can then select or scan the items they want to load into the container, and if the items do not fit in the first container, they can add a second container. The user will be able to move items between containers, unload any items that do not fit or leave items outside of the containers.

Once the user is done loading items into the containers, they can submit the transaction, and Magaya will automatically add the shipping containers' equipment to the master shipment with the appropriate contained items in each container.

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