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Product/Extension Flow WMS
Created by Kristhian Krstonosic
Created on Mar 20, 2023

Multi-User WMS Task Execution

The Flow WMS app currently allows users to independently perform tasks such as receiving, picking & loading. However, there are times when multiple users need to work on the same task simultaneously. To address this, we propose adding a new feature that allows multiple users to collaborate on a single task.

With this new feature, a task can be exceuted by multiple users; for example, in a Receiving task, each user can receive different Items at the same time and the Received Item list will be updated seamlessly and continuously among all the users' task. When a user submits the transaction, it might be required the confirmation of the other users to validate that their work is also completed. When the transaction is validated and submitted, Magaya will create/update a Warehouse Receipt with all the items received by all the users.

This collaborative task management feature will increase efficiency, reduce errors, and save time. It will also provide real-time updates and enable users to communicate with each other through the app, ensuring smooth task execution.

Overall, adding this feature will enhance the functionality of the Flow WMS app, providing users with a more streamlined and effective way to execute tasks.

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