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Status Planned
Product/Extension Flow WMS
Created by Kristhian Krstonosic
Created on Feb 3, 2023

Activate the scanning functionality to select multiple items while unloading, unpicking, repacking, and unpacking

Currently, when a Flow WMS user wants to unload items from a shipping container, unpick, repack, or unpack items, they need to do it by tapping manually on each item card checkbox to select all the items they want to include in the transaction. This process is very inaccurate, time-consuming, and prone to errors because the user needs to remember the part number of the items they want to remove from the transaction, or go physically to the item, read the barcode label, and make sure it matches the one on the Item Card. Most of the time, the users guess or perform this operation by memory.

To increase efficacy, the ability to perform this Item selection process with the scanner by tapping the scanner button to activate the scanner and then scan all the item barcodes consecutively and continuously that the user has in front of them, which they are sure are the items they want to remove from the transaction.

It would also be ideal to add some auditory/beeping confirmation to inform the user that the scanned item was successfully removed or is wrong.

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