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Product/Extension Magaya Rate Management
Created by Guest
Created on Oct 24, 2022

Option to Override Contract/Tariff surcharges except Inclusive Surcharges in Surcharge Manager

Currently, when you create a Surcharge in Surcharge Manager, and you select Surcharge Trumps (Toggled on in Add Eft Rule or marked as Yes in Surcharge Manager Bulk Upload), the surcharge from the Surcharge Manager will calculate to the rates and will override the same surcharge coming from the Template or Tariff (including Inclusive Surcharges). Customer is asking for a Surcharge Trump option to override the 'current/future' surcharges from the template/tariff, but the inclusive surcharges from the template/tariff will override the surcharge from the Surcharge Manager.

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  • Guest
    Oct 28, 2022

    further request from client:

    Hello Terry,

    Good day!

    Regarding the function enhancement I asked, I would like to add something.

    As you know, carrier doesn’t always put surcharge unit cost, just put applicable surcharge codes and those surcharge would be uploaded as 0 value with Type “Subject To”.

    If we don’t turn on Surcharge Trumps, it won’t override…

    If the idea I proposed the other day would be accepted, would you please make enable to override in case of 0 value with Type “Subject To” without turning on Surcharge Trumps as well?

    We appreciate your kind consideration.

    Kind regards,

    Ayumi Takahashi/Ms. (高橋 阿友美)