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Status Will not implement
Created by Guest
Created on Dec 12, 2023

generate names for folders/Docs

Hello Dear Magaya,

I am thinking something that if can be done it will increase our efficiency.

Is there a way we can auto generate the name for the files? For example, the 7501 's name will be like this if we want to download it.


And we have to modify it into this format: 7501-EVY 00516563-Customer name- Broker Ref#-Magaya Ref#

or be like 7501-EVY 00516563-Customer name-709631-QINT29208.

And if we wanna download a copy of the ISF, it will show like this:


Which it does not make any sense.

And we have to modify it to ISF-Customer name-709631-QINT29208 by hand.

Is there a way that we can customize the way it auto assign the name we like in a certain way? So we can avoid extra typing and increasing efficiency

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  • Admin
    Jordan Fotouhi
    Dec 28, 2023


    Thank you for submitting your idea! Upon review, the ability to customize file names for each customer is not on the roadmap, however, the team will look into the current naming convention for documents (especially for the ISF) and determine how we can improve them.

    Thank you,

    MCC Product Team