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PINNED Different margin percentage calculation
Please calculate the margin within the Hub like this: (sell rate-buy rate)/buy rate and not as a ratio of the selling rate. 15$ markup on a buy rate of 100$ should result in 15% margin and not 13.04%.

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Note/Comment section

As an operator I want to make internal comments/notes on open/requested quotes, before an oppertunity is being closed, so that I can leave information for colleagues or myself later.
Dennis Albers about 2 years ago in Magaya Freight Portal 0 Shipped

Spreadsheet Style View for Customer Portal (not only Hub)

We have had several customers complain that the "Your shipments" view in the customer portal is difficult to use (Shipments > List). It works if they only have a few active shipments, but for customers with over 10+ shipments it becomes difficu...
Guest over 1 year ago in Magaya Freight Portal 0 Shipped

Trade Lane Integration with Rate Prioritization

Allow a user to define Rate Prioritization based on Trade Lanes. Add a "Trade Lane" radio button in the Location Qualifiers. When a user selects the radio button, the check box next tot eh Value field changes to "All Trade Lanes (*)". Only those v...
Morgan Hill about 2 years ago in Magaya Rate Management 0 Shipped

Autofocus input in quote locations select

In the quotations select, when the dialog opens, automatically focus the input field so users can start typing right away.
Dennis Albers over 1 year ago in Magaya Freight Portal 0 Shipped

Pricing Options - Charge Class & Type

Rather than filtering a result in the Info panel by Charge Class & Type, Customers would like the options in the Search Pane. The current All/Prepaid/Collect radio buttons would be incorporated into the new format. The three Groups would be in...
Morgan Hill about 2 years ago in Magaya Rate Management 0 Shipped

Make it available to define Shipment Milestones per Transport Mode

We have different Milestones per Transport Mode. For example Roadfreight shipments have different Milestones than Airfreight or LCL. Furthermore we have to link the Milestones to CW1.
Jan-Henrik Hertel about 2 years ago in Magaya Freight Portal 1 Shipped

MAC Rule: Search Users in a MAC Rule

We would like to add dynamic search for user inside of a MAC rule. In some cases a MAC rule may have hundreds of users added, and without the search, the user would have to be identified manually. Add a "Filter" button next to the "Add" button to ...
Guest about 2 years ago in Magaya Rate Management 1 Shipped

Add Statement Number to Billing Report Version2

Would it be possible to have a customized report created? We are changing accounting softwares to Netsuites and there is one column that we would like to have added to the report BILLING DETAILS V2. The column that we are requesting is the stateme...
Guest about 1 year ago in Magaya Customs Compliance (ACELYNK) 2 Shipped

Company & Contact Upload w-Excel

Use an Excel template that gets validated rather than using the current csv implementation. With csv there are a LOT of issues that can be experienced. The current bug fix code kind of tweaks a few things but cannot really address the root issue.
Morgan Hill about 2 years ago in Magaya Rate Management 0 Shipped

Adding Current Report to "Report Schedule" Tab in the Admin Module

Hi Team :) Can we add the Entry Type 86 Transaction Report and the Air AMS Activity Report to the "Report Schedule" Tab within the Admin Module? I've had a few filers ask about it. We already have both Reports. Just need to add the ability to rece...
Guest 6 months ago in Magaya Customs Compliance (ACELYNK) 1 Shipped