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Created by Morgan Hill
Created on May 13, 2022

Pricing Options - Charge Class & Type

Rather than filtering a result in the Info panel by Charge Class & Type, Customers would like the options in the Search Pane.

The current All/Prepaid/Collect radio buttons would be incorporated into the new format.

The three Groups would be in a row with radio buttons to allow customers to make only one selection. Each selection would, when made, would show the relevant selections with check boxes to allow multiple selections. An All check box allows the customer an easy way to select them all without having to click each one.

When the selections are made and the Search button hit, only the results with the chose attributes would display, unless the "Display All Charges" is toggled on.

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Surcharge Options - Optional Included, Subject To, Future

In the Surcharge Options section of the Search. Add check boxes for “Subject To” and “Included” and probably add another for “Future Charges”. This would be based on the charge group “Type”.
Morgan Hill 9 months ago in Magaya Rate Management (Catapult) 0 Shipped