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Magaya Rate Management

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Add additional Charge Unit / Rate Basis in Price Editing Wizard

In adding charge individually - in the Charge Unit / Rate Basis there are a few options. But when we add a charge using the Price Editing Wizard - only 2 Charge Unit / Rate Basis is showing. It would be good to have the other Charge Unit / Rate Ba...
Patricia Cabahug 2 months ago in Magaya Rate Management 0

FTP Extraction from Multi-Lane

General Description: More and more customers are asking for their rates to be returned to them in an off-line format, fully calculated. Our system was not designed with a method to do this, however, it would be a competitive advantage to allow the...
Morgan Hill 2 months ago in Magaya Rate Management 0 Planned

Add "freeTimeSource" field to REST API

General Description: Our REST API should have the information available in the response that a user can see in the UI. As we continue to iterate on the RMS UI, we need to update the REST API. The recent enhancement to show the source of free time ...
Morgan Hill 2 months ago in Magaya Rate Management 0 Planned

Add "Carrier Name" in QFB for AIR

General Description: Air is a mode where the "Carrier Field" in QFB is just the code, not the carrier name. Customers will want to call out the Carrier's actual name on quotes since codes are not widely known. Current Functionality: The "Carrier" ...
Morgan Hill 2 months ago in Magaya Rate Management 0 Planned

Auto-Check Q2TMS in Output when Checked in Org Settings

For integration customers using Q2TMS, the user has to check the Q2TMS box for every quote. We should auto-check it if Q2TMS is enabled to reduce the number of clicks a customer does.
Morgan Hill 3 months ago in Magaya Rate Management 0

Enable Trade Lane Manager for Air

General Description: Trade Lanes are used by customers to group several ports under one name to make searching easier - users don't need to search one by one. Current Functionality: It's been discovered that the Trade Lane Manager only applies to ...
Morgan Hill 3 months ago in Magaya Rate Management 0 Prioritized

Surcharge Manager - Remarks

From client: "Is there a way to make a note specifically just internal – not to flow through to the displayed contract notes in the quotes ?" Could we add a check box in the Surcharge Manager Rules that would give the option to display remarks on ...
Guest 3 months ago in Magaya Rate Management 0

LCL Free Time in QFB

General Description: Customers want to include Free Time on quotes. While RMS does not database free time as a practice like FCL, we do get Free Time information from 3rd Party Rate API's, like Vanguard. This is becoming more commonplace as we imp...
Morgan Hill 6 months ago in Magaya Rate Management 1 Prioritized

Inhibit Auto-Fill in Chrome for Profile

General Description: Google Chrome tags the username and password in the Profile card so it looks like there are credentials filled out when they actually are not. Current Functionality: Users see credentials but they are not the correct credentia...
Morgan Hill 3 months ago in Magaya Rate Management 0 Planned

Ground Template - Add "Per Bill of Lading" & "Per Shipment" Rate Basis

The Ground Template rate basis list is inconsistent with the list in the Catapult upload template. Users need to include "Per Bill of Lading" and "Per Shipment" in our Ground Template Rate basis list.
Morgan Hill over 1 year ago in Magaya Rate Management 0