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Status Will not implement
Created by Guest
Created on May 8, 2023


Fields that only have certian selctions should have dropdown menus such as indended use code, FWS code, etc. The system should highlight required fields for both entry and all PGAs. Data should only have to be keyed once and transferred to all areas that need it. Not separtate for 3461 and 7501. If you change one, both should update automatically. If a field is required for PGA all the data from the entry, and ISF should auto-populate where items need to be filled in, not a guessing game or find out when the entry rejects. Other systems such as Cargowise and NetCHB, and Bluejay all do this. Can I suggest training videos for eeach type of PGA to assist. Plus, videos on how to setup the system in general, accounting, importers, trade parties, etc. I key in information into areas and the information disappears. This has happened on entries, PGA data, and even with billing (any costs are being removed automatically right now). Why do I have to go in each the 3461 and 7501 to transmit, why is this not from the same page to transmit together? All of these issues are wasting time not being programed and time is money. I pay more for this system than others, but I feel I am getting less service and the training was non-exsistant and terrible and not at times when I needed help. When I asked for addtional training I was ignored. This is not acceptable. I have been in the industry for 25 years and I know many other brokers. Your system is not easier than Cargowise despite claims to be. I should be able to up loud a commerical invoice with all the data into the system and not have to manaully key everything. I have even helped other companies write or test ABI systems.

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