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Flow WMS

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Item cards/cells displaying weight, volume, and description for to-be-picked Item List

When a warehouse operator (loader) is picking items to load them into a container, they want to know the weight and the volume to better balance the weight cargo of the container. A short Item description is also helpful in quickly identifying ite...
Kristhian Krstonosic 8 months ago in Flow WMS 0

Pick & Load Tasks - Location Search Options

When some users are performing Pick and Load tasks on Flow WMS, if they need/want to type the Destination Location instead of scanning it, and don't remember the exact code of the location, they get stuck and can't continue with the task generatin...
Kristhian Krstonosic 10 months ago in Flow WMS 0

Pick list to select locations

It will be helpful to be able to select the location form a pick list in the flow app instead of typing or scaning
Alejandro Villaro 10 months ago in Flow WMS 0

Warehouse Receipt and Cargo Receiving items and quantity reconciliation and validation

To control and validate cargo reception, a Flow WMS user must be able to reconcile the Items that are scanned during the reception process against the items related to a Warehouse Receipt that has been previously entered on Magaya so that they can...
Guest 11 months ago in Flow WMS 0 Planned

Alerts when scanning wrong Items or if it has already been scanned

We want to be alerted by Flow WMS with sounds and/or images when a user has scanned an Item that wasn't supposed to scan or if the Item has already been scanned. This would be helpful for any process or task, for example, receiving, counting, putt...
Guest 11 months ago in Flow WMS 0

Option to disable manual input to receive, pick or select Items.

To reduce errors and increase accuracy, we want to be able to turn off on Magaya's configuration menu the capability to process Items manually on Flow WMS tasks, so when a user needs to perform a task where an Item must be received, picked, moved,...
Guest 11 months ago in Flow WMS 0